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The OriginalTM 100% Biodegradable Spill AbsorbantTM

By far, the most efficient,

environmentally responsible,

spill absorbent.


  • Home

  • Auto

  • Boat/Marine

  • Disaster Clean-up

  • Repair Contractor/Handyman


Environmental Advantage:

  • Made from waste wood product

  • 100% natural material

  • 100% biodegradable and will disintegrate

   100% within 12 weeks in active microbial soil

       (in its original, unused state).

  •  Comes in a handy, re-sealable bag



Unique Features:

  •   Light weight

  •   Easy to use

  •   Resealable bag, which is biodegradable

  •   1 pound of absorbent

       absorbs 2-1/2 litres of oil* (* extra light heating oil).

  • Certified as a Type III R Oil Absorber

       suitable for absorbing all low to

       high viscosity fluids (except concentrated acids)   


    - Cooking Oils                            - Paints

    - Petroleum                               - Solvents

    - Diesel Fuel                              - Biodiesel

    - Heating Oil                             - Hydraulic Oil

    - Gearbox Oil                             - Lubricants




The Negative Environmental Footprint

of the Alternative:

  •   The usual alternative is clay, montmorillonite clay.


  •   Chemically, it is hydrated sodium calcium  

       aluminium magnesium silicate hydrocide.


  •   Clay is generally mined in open pit mines,

       or in mining operations that cut down hillside

       deposits for the clay material.


  •   Clay, as with all mining operations, comes with   

       environmental costs.


  •   Disposal of waste at a disposal site is subject to 

       fees which are charged by weight.


  •   Naturally heavy clay absorbers come with the 

       hidden and higher cost of disposal, by 

       comparison to a natural, light weight absorbent.

The pack weight is 1 pound which is equal to absorbing 2.5 litres of extra light heating oil.


The pack weight can be varied, in 5 pound and 11 pound bags, based on a sufficient order quantity of not less than 100,000 packs yearly.


The bags are re-sealable.


Each package has a QR Code which the consumer (by use of a free mobile app) can scan on a cell phone and is immediately linked to a URL site which will play a unique infomercial on the cell phone.


Alternatively, the consumer can type in a short text to be linked to the URL site.


It is our unique marketing

to invite the consumer to shop the category and

make a sensible, sustainable buying choice.

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