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The OriginalTM 100% Biodegradable Sponge with ScourTM

By far, the most efficient, environmentally responsible,

scour sponge

 the consumer will ever use.


Dual Purpose:

sponge side wipes, fiber side scours.


Comes in 3 levels of abrasion

and in 3 task-oriented colours

- colour coded for separate cleaning tasks

to help prevent cross-contamination and transfer of germs between different cleaning environments.


Heavy Duty Green scour fiber

for the toughest cleaning jobs in the kitchen: pots, pans, grills.


Light Duty White scour fiber

for non-stick cookware glass, porcelain, ceramic, countertops

and appliances.


All Surface Blue scour fiber

for highly polished surfaces such as sinks, tubs, tiles and  countertops in the bathroom.


(Always test the scour sponge in an inconspicous area and allow the suface to dry

to determine if the fiber side is suitable.)



  • The sponge is 100% biodegradable

        and will disintegrate 100% in active microbial soil within 12 weeks.


  • The fiber is not biodegradable. However, it is made from 100% post consumer recycled polyester waste which source is recycled soft drink & water bottles.


Environmental Adantages:

  • Unlike certain competitors, no formaldehyde resins are used in our fiber, only water based resins.


  • Consider the millions of plastic bottled consumed every year for a single use.

        It's a waste of natural resources and money.


  • Consider the resources employed to feed that consumption.

        It's about re-directing our draw on resources to reusable, recycled materials.

        It's about changing about consequential environmental footprint.


The Original TM 100% Biodegradable Sponge with Scour TM 

is the sustainable, sensible choice

Product Details:

All sizes are in rectangular shapes, presently offered in a one size, 4.5 x 3 x 1 inch.


The fiber is in an extra thick format, unlike scour sponges made by competitors.


The pack count in the 3 photos is a 2 pack.


Each package has a QR Code which the consumer (by use of a free mobile app) can scan on a cell phone and is immediately linked to a URL site which will play a unique infomercial on the cell phone.


Alternatively, the consumer can type in a short text to be linked to the URL site.


It is our unique marketing to invite the consumer to shop the category

and make a sustainable buying choice.

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